Looking Forward to Seeing David & Laura in Action

CHARLOTTE, NC – Laura and David, Cofounders of LW2 Solutions, are proud to recognize two of the firm’s top producers, Jordan and Blaine. Details of their career journeys thus far are shared, as are their goals for the future.

Recognition is a pillar of the LW2 Solutions culture, shared Laura, because she and David know the importance of being acknowledged by one’s peers. In fact, studies show that after basic income needs are met, appreciation is the most important attribute of an engaging and inspiring workplace atmosphere. With that in mind, David and Laura wanted to highlight two of the firm’s rising stars, Blaine and Jordan, giving them a chance to enjoy some time in the spotlight while sharing the goal-oriented mind-set that has helped make both associates successful.

Blaine is 25 years old and attended East Tennessee State University, where she majored in communications studies. She was part of the Communications Studies Association, and also took part in a college ministry outreach named The Well. She is currently a LW2 Solutions crew leader. Her short-term goals include paying off his student loans, and long term he plans on living completely debt free. To relax, she strums his ukulele, does open mic shows, and plays video games. Blaine puts the fun in fundraising and is a tremendous asset to the team.

Jordan is 31 and earned his bachelor’s degree in journalism – media communications at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. He is also a crew leader for LW2 Solutions. In the near future, Jordan plans to earn the right to open up a satellite office of his own in Raleigh. Once he’s done that, he plans to take a trip to New Zealand, sponsor a Balinese family that he knows, buy a small RV and a Mercedes E-Class, and also own a small cabin in Asheville. He also aspires to come up with a million-dollar idea for a green school business, work with musicians, and eventually open an office in Wisconsin so he can spend more time with his family.

A Success Trait Shared by LW2 Solutions High Achievers:

One of the characteristics shared by all LW2 Solutions top producers is their goal-oriented mind-set. Both Jordan and Blaine have very clear targets toward which they are working, and they use these to both direct their efforts and measure their progress. Laura and David are proud of all that Blaine and Jordan have accomplished already and look forward to seeing them achieve all their objectives – personal and professional – in the future.

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