LW2 Solutions & Friends Rocked the Outer Banks

CHARLOTTE, NC – LW2 Solutions’ Co-Founders discussed their recent trip to North Carolina’s Outer Banks. They highlighted the benefits of the getaway and the importance of traveling with teammates.

From September 26-29, the LW2 Solutions team and their other offices ventured to North Carolina’s Outer Banks for a memorable R&R retreat. Laura, one of the firm’s Co-Founders, explained that this trip was in part a reward for event managers’ excellent performance and also an inspiration for the end-of-year push. She added that the Outer Banks’ incredible natural beauty, great restaurants, and gorgeous lighthouses made for a lot of lasting memories.

Along with having time to reflect on LW2 Solutions’ recent successes, the firm’s ambassadors for good were able to build stronger connections during the R&R trip. Laura noted that team members got in some fun in the sun and recharged during the excursion as well. The fourth quarter will be a busy time for Team LW2 Solutions, so Laura added that the timing of this trip was perfect.

The firm’s event managers have a regional conference coming up soon, so Laura explained that the R&R trip was also a good chance to prepare for this prestigious event. She commented that the conference is always a major opportunity to network with other top performers. The Outer Banks getaway gave team members time to prepare elevator pitches for the conference and make the most of being around so many high achievers.

LW2 Solutions’ Co-Founder on the Benefits of Traveling With Colleagues Giving team members the chance to learn more about each other as people is one of the obvious benefits of R&R trips and other travel events. Laura stated that the stronger bonds forged during a team getaway boost collaboration and overall company morale. She added that it’s fun to watch team members work together after a memorable trip, because a positive energy always seems to follow them back to the LW2 Solutions office.

Team retreats are some of the best incentives companies can offer, according to Laura. They show people how much their efforts are valued while also allowing team members to explore new places together. Laura explained that these combined positive outcomes lead to a more family-like atmosphere in a workspace. Productivity and engagement remain high around the LW2 Solutions office thanks in part to the many travel incentives team members can earn. The Co-Founder added that the firm’s event managers are working hard to qualify for the next big team getaway.

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