LW2 Solutions Send Top Leaders to Elite Meeting in Florida

CHARLOTTE, NC – Four LW2 Solutions team members recently attended a training seminar for leaders in Florida called the Elite Meeting. They each shared their thoughts on the experience and discussed what part was most impactful for them.

“I knew that LW2 Solutions offered growth opportunities, but the Elite Meeting opened my eyes to see how someone like myself can reach their end goals,” shared Jenny, one of the team members invited to the Florida event. “If a person is working with the right skill set and the right mentality, they will be successful. My favorite part of the event was meeting and talking with great leaders from different offices and hearing about their experiences in our industry.”

For Jordan, the Elite Meeting was a rejuvenating experience. “It was refreshing to see others accomplishing their goals and overcoming challenges, and sharing what worked for them along the way as they achieved success. My biggest takeaway was that our leaders are willing to invest in us and our abilities to bounce back, trusting in our determination and drive to take on challenges and overcome them.” His favorite part? Networking with other professionals in between the speakers.

Ambrea and Jimmy Apply What They Learned at the Elite Meeting to Open Their Own Offices:

“During the Elite Meeting, running an LW2 Solutions office became a reality for me,” Ambrea explained. “While listening to successful leaders in our industry, I was able to learn what it takes as an individual to reach the next level and help those around me do the same. I went in with high expectations, and left full of purpose. In fact, that was my biggest takeaway: the importance of setting higher standards and holding myself accountable for every decision I make. As a leader, I cannot expect my team to do more than me – I gotta show ‘em how it’s done, and lead from the front!”

Ambrea jokingly said that her favorite part of the Elite Meeting was the free food, but then gave a more serious observation. “Conversing with other leaders in a less formal environment was great. I was able to witness other perspectives on mentality and strategy that go beyond career concerns and apply to life in general. It was just awesome to be around a group of people with similar goals that you can learn from and who will motivate you to be the best you can be.”

Jimmy will be opening his own LW2 Solutions office in Atlanta during Q1 of 2019, and noted that his views on what to expect and how to prepare new hires to be successful were influenced considerably by the Elite Meeting. “My biggest takeaway was definitely the networking aspect. Now I know individuals who have been in my shoes or are currently in them,” Jimmy shared. “The opportunities to learn and teach during the meeting were great, and I was so impressed by the willingness of every single person there to share their knowledge.”

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