New Beginnings at LW2 Solutions

We hear a lot in the office you miss 100% of the chances you don’t take. With this kind of industry, that is very true.

Miranda Avis took her shot, moved away from school, and started a new part of her journey with us at LW2 Solutions in Charlotte.

“It truly is easy to lose connection with people when staring at a screen all day. Building something that feels authentic and intimate in the age of new technologies and social media is more difficult than ever. That is one of the main reasons why I took this job. Every day I get the chance to meet new people and hear their inspiring stories, whether it is colleagues or the people I meet out in the field," Miranda shared.

To finish her internship for college credit and get hands-on experience, Miranda joined our team. She will be the first member of her family to graduate from college when she completes her studies at Western Carolina University with a Bachelor of Science in Communication with Public Relations at the end of this year.

“I was super excited to get the opportunity to have an interview. After leaving the office that day, I felt welcomed and was confident in my ability to thrive at this company.”

It is pretty common for students leaving school to fear the unknown, but it does not mean you should automatically make decisions following those fears. When you keep doing something comfortable and not challenging the unknown, you will likely miss opportunities that you will never have again.

Before applying to the job, she looked at the industry, the company’s website, and even some testimonials to better understand what working here would be like. She said that nothing beats taking a chance and meeting the team in person.

Miranda said, “I have learned so much in just a couple of months. I am just like everyone else, trying to make the best of everything. Of course, there are bad days, but there are also very incredible ones. Accept the challenges you face because it will make you a stronger person."

We are pleased to see her flourish in her role here with us, as she has already made many notable achievements. We eagerly anticipate what other excellent things she will achieve in the future.