On A Mission in Atlanta & Charleston

Travel prospects abound for Team LW2 Solutions. One month might find top producers on a R&R retreat, while the whole team might attend a weekend leadership conference the next. Another reason we get out of the office and see the world together is so we can explore new markets for expansion. This is what happened recently, as hand-selected associates took trips to Charleston, South Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia. These scouting missions were a huge success, and not only because we have found cities in which to grow our company.

There are other benefits to LW2 Solutions travel opportunities, such as time to bond with our coworkers. The drive from Charlotte to Atlanta may only be about four and a half hours, but that’s plenty of time for us to get to know one another on a more personal level than our busy work schedules allow.

These connections, combined with the memories of the trip, are a solid foundation for lifelong friendships, and create greater camaraderie and collaboration when our team members return to the office. These enhanced relationships are what make our office environment so inviting and will continue to be a pillar of our company ethos no matter how many cities we expand into.

We have worked very hard to find the right places to grow and are looking forward to increasing the scope of our operations in 2019. Check out our LW2 Solutions Newswire feed to follow our expansion progress.