Opening in Two New Markets

CHARLOTTE, NC – The Co-Founders of LW2 Solutions discussed the firm’s ongoing expansion efforts into Georgia and Virginia. They highlighted the benefits of entering new markets and the importance of having a well-trained team.

There’s a buzz around the LW2 Solutions office as the company embarks on expansion efforts in Georgia and Virginia. Laura, one of the firm’s Co-Founders, explained, “These locations have really good vibes to them, and we want to broaden our reach up and down the East Coast. We’ll be able to support these expansions from our head office.” The firm’s event managers are enthusiastic about making the most of these vibrant new sites.

David, one of LW2 Solutions Co-Founders, added that expanding into new markets is the ideal way to reach more customers from different demographic groups. With its new offices, the firm’s ambassadors for good will be able to expand the influence of the change innovators they represent. Having already built a reputation for winning event-based outreach campaigns, LW2 Solutions is primed to become an even more influential firm with a stronger voice for promoting charities of all kinds.

LW2 Solutions Co-Founders on the Benefits of In-Depth Professional Development:

Laura explained that all incoming additions to team LW2 Solutions receive hands-on guidance from seasoned brand experts. This is the quickest and most effective way to build confidence in new hires. It also means that the firm boasts a group of well-rounded professionals who can seize opportunities when they emerge. This is why Laura and David are so optimistic about the company’s expansion efforts. They know their brand experts are up to whatever challenges might come along with ongoing growth.

Continual training is a hallmark of the LW2 Solutions culture as well. Team members are always adding to their skill sets and knowledge bases. As they adjust to new markets and additions to the firm’s portfolio, team members will continue to expand their horizons through internal training sessions, travel, and other methods.

David noted that continuing education keeps people engaged in their work. Members of Team LW2 Solutions know there’s always another developmental opportunity around the corner, so they’re motivated to keep pushing themselves. The fact that pathways to advancement are well defined within the firm only adds to the inspired nature of its work culture. David and Laura are excited to watch their team members continue sharpening their skills as they take advantage of all the potential the new offices in Georgia and Virginia will offer.

About LW2 Solutions: LW2 Solutions seizes opportunities to expand the market reach for organizations in a variety of sectors, non-profit and for-profit alike. Using an effective personalized approach, they deliver messages directly to likely customers, capturing their attention through meaningful conversations that inspire action. Because these exchanges occur in real time, they tailor their strategies to respond quickly to customer needs and requirements. By always being in the moment, LW2 connects with more audiences, builds more rapports, and creates more loyalty for the organizations they represent. Their action-oriented culture ensures not only that businesses grow, but that their firm and their team expand as well. Learn more about their impact by visiting