Our Regional Meeting Was a Huge Success

Laura and David, LW2 Solutions’ Co-Founders, hosted our industry’s regional meeting on November 1-2 in Charlotte. It was a great time for learning, networking, and reflecting on everything we’ve accomplished in 2019. As we discussed recent wins and shared best practices with top performers from all across the country, we built up lots of excitement for 2020 as well.

The best traits and behaviors of top-flight leaders are always on display at these meetings. One thing we’re reminded of every time we get together with the best frontrunners is how good they are at sharing clear expectations. Being able to translate a vision of future success is something we’re constantly working to master. It’s nice to learn some tips on how to do so, especially in a laid-back setting like a regional meeting in our own backyard.

Of course, we also get to see how great leaders show the way by example at these gatherings. Even as we interact with them face-to-face, we receive lessons in how important it is to listen intently and show people that they’re appreciated. These are key elements of our LW2 Solutions management training program, so it’s fun to see them in action.

It’s amazing how much more inspired we feel after spending time with top leaders from other markets. For more on what we learned during the meeting, follow LW2 Solutions on Instagram.