Sharing Highlights From Jimmy's Career

Recognition is an LW2 Solutions value that plays a big role in our company culture. We give credit where credit is due and congratulate one another on our achievements. We know that in doing so, we are inspiring each other to even greater heights of success.

This month, we wanted to shine our LW2 Solutions spotlight on our assistant manager, Jimmy, who recently opened his own satellite office. He shared with us some of the highlights of his career journey thus far.

“My opportunity started late in November of 2017 after moving from Boston and completing my 15-year career in the United States Marines. At this point I had no idea what was next but decided to take a position with the firm as my first-ever non-military job. I saw a spot on the team as a way to transition to civilian life, but it has become much more than that – I’ve truly found my next career,” Jimmy shared.

“I remember coming to the interview, and it was just like the routines I had read about on how to carry yourself for an interview and what to expect,” Jimmy continued. “Then, just a few months later, I was able to attend a conference in March of 2018 which was exciting and provided a chance to witness success stories from individuals already in the business.” From that day forward, Jimmy knew what he wanted to achieve, and has worked tirelessly ever since for the chance to open his own office.

Congratulations again to Jimmy on your promotion – you’re an inspiration to everyone on the team! Like LW2 Solutions on Facebook to watch progress on the new office opening.