Traits of Great Leaders

We endeavor to foster leadership potential throughout LW2 Solutions. This begins at day one. We are always balancing challenge, opportunity, and support to empower our people’s development and learning. There are many factors of great leadership and different people have different styles. However, everyone who manages others should develop three key traits.

Courage is essential to success in any leadership role. The business world is always evolving, and business teams must innovate to get ahead. This means taking risks, which requires courage from managers. Additionally, leaders must believe in their decisions and strategies. This confidence is infectious for the rest of their teams.

Similarly, leaders must have clarity when making choices. For our LW2 team, much of this comes from our unifying purpose and vision. We know what we want to accomplish, so we can be clear on the strategic decisions that will support those long-term aims. Similarly, our stated cultural values support clarity. When leaders are clear on their principles, they can make strong, well-informed decisions.

Leadership isn’t just about telling others what to do, of course. Great managers are also extremely curious. They are always seeking to learn more and want to get feedback from team members. This curiosity supports their clarity by ensuring that they always have the information they need.