Using Mentorship To Fuel Career Success

Mentorship can be extremely valuable for young people starting their careers.

Mentorship plays a central role in the LW2 training methodology. We pair all our new team members with veteran managers who can guide them to success in the world of customer acquisition. While training and other educational opportunities also provide a lot of value, mentor relationships can support growth even beyond the learning benefits:

  • Wisdom: Mentors can impart their wisdom and experience to their mentees. This means that the younger professionals are not only learning facts and ideas but also ways of thinking. Many of our experienced associates have helped new LW2 team members make better, more effective decisions.

  • Networking: People who have been working in a field for some time tend to have a lot of connections. These contacts can be shared with their mentees. This provides an immediate leg up to any new team members being mentored by more experienced professionals.

  • Trust and Support: Young professionals who have mentors benefit from the trust and support of their advisers. This can help them to push for their goals and reach the next levels of success. This aspect of the relationship goes both ways. The mentee knows that he or she can always look to the mentor as a source of guidance.