We're Expanding Our Horizons With International Events

Trips are more than just a great LW2 Solutions perk. They give us the chance to learn from the best of the best in our industry, network with other rising stars in our field, and see the world with our colleagues and friends. In fact, right now, our team is at an international meeting down in Miami, Florida.

This conference boasts keynote speakers and attendees from all over the world, making this one of the biggest and most important travel destinations in 2020 for Team LW2 Solutions. The lessons we’re learning here, and the people we’re meeting, will set us up for global success in the future.

An awards ceremony is also scheduled for this evening that is certain to be unforgettable. High achievers from every market will be honored for hitting big career goals, and get the chance to share what they’ve learned along the way. These are sure to be the impact talks of the weekend, if not of the year, and we’re looking forward to applying the same determination to our own careers when we get back to work Monday.

In the meantime though, we’ve still got lots to see and do – Miami is a beautiful city with great food and a unique culture, and we want to take in as much of it as we can before we leave. Follow LW2 Solutions on Instagram to see live content from our weekend!